About Kaitlin

About Me

Welcome! My name is Kaitlin

I am a content marketing professional with seven years of experience in creating and implementing effective marketing strategies for technology companies, Fortune 500 enterprises, and other mid-size-to-large organizations.

What I write: marketing content for B2B tech (often cybersecurity, IT, Kubernetes, and business software)

With my experience in blogging, case studies, editing, and interviewing subject matter experts, I have developed a broad skill set that allows me to provide content marketing strategy consulting services to clients across various industries. My expertise in the cybersecurity, IT, Kubernetes/K8s, and B2B software industry marketing sectors has provided me with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that businesses in these industries face.

How I help: with content strategy and content writing. 

At Greenlund Content, I work closely with marketing managers and executive teams to build content marketing campaigns and calendars for technology companies, write and edit internal and external communications such as press releases, newsletters, guides, and thought leadership, and manage projects that bring together a variety of stakeholders and contributors.

Educational background, for the curious: business and a few other things.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and Humanities from Eastern Washington University and an MBA from the University of the People.