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About Kaitlin & Her Team

Freelance technology writer Kaitlin Morrison draws on her content marketing background to help companies around the globe. 


How We Work

I work as an extension of your marketing team. To that end, I can fit into your workflows and start contributing. 

When you work with me, you’re also working with a small, US-based team of content marketing writers. Together, we bring our specialized and diverse expertise to your content projects. 

About Us

Kaitlin Morrison

Kaitlin Morrison

Content Strategist

Kaitlin began her content marketing career in 2010 at a large healthcare nonprofit in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, and founded Greenlund Content in 2015 with her husband, Jeff Greenlund. Kaitlin writes marketing content for a variety of companies and organizations including Staples, Cisco, Intel, the University of California system, Hewlett-Packard, 8×8, VanillaSoft, and many others.

Her passion for technology content marketing motivates her work every day. 

Jeff Greenlund

Jeff Greenlund


Jeff Greenlund is an analytical chemist by training, bringing organizational and process management skills to the team. As a co-founder, Jeff helps keep everything running smoothly and efficiently behind the scenes at Greenlund Content. 

Lucy Cabance

Lucy Cabance

Marketing and General Admin

Lucy Cabance has a digital marketing background and wears many hats at Greenlund Content – providing administrative support, communicating with customers, managing marketing projects, and building client relationships.

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