About Kaitlin

I became a freelance copywriter after starting out as an Americorps volunteer with two local health nonprofits, a small primary care clinic and a long-term care volunteers group. The need to get a lot of promotion accomplished with limited resources was a huge motivator and helped me to see the value of advertising and copywriting. 

Today, I carry that mindset with me in my work with clients. I do what I can to help my clients benefit the most from copywriting so they can keep doing what they do best. This eventually led me to specialize, so I chose B2B SaaS. 

B2B SaaS and healthcare IT Writing

I’ll be honest, content marketing for the B2B SaaS industry and healthcare IT are my main focus these days. This is the result of a natural transition in my career from healthcare to healthcare technology and eventually into writing for B2B SaaS audiences also.

Choosing a specialty means I can hone-in on a single industry and offer more value to my clients. 

Why am I a fit for your industry? Here’s the deal: 

*If you’re B2B SaaS, I might be your prospect (maybe I’m already your customer!) I use a lot of business software 

*With my technology and healthcare experience, I can ask the right questions and zero-in on the relevant information your readers are looking for. 

*I’m not a developer, which means I have an outsider perspective, but I can still name a few Linux distros

*I may not know your technology, but I can deep-dive and learn quickly 

Content Marketing for B2B SaaS

If you’re looking for comprehensive content marketing for B2B software, you might be concerned about finding someone who can actually understand your product well enough to write about it. Maybe you’re looking at hiring someone who’s a developer, has a CS degree, or a heck of a lot of coder street cred. 

Unfortunately, this strategy can backfire and may make it harder for your target audience to relate to your technology content marketing. If your end users aren’t as proficient in your tech as you, your marketing content could probably benefit from someone who’s a professional storyteller instead of a software developer. 

My experience in content marketing for B2B software companies allows me to help you identify marketing challenges and proactively resolve them. I can help you: 

*Develop audience personas

*Identify essential content marketing analytics 

*Create a content marketing strategy for your B2B SaaS company

*Fill a content calendar that will build your inbound traffic and support your sales and marketing teams’ efforts

*Leverage content with your ABM (account-based marketing) strategy to reach particularly value prospects 

*Create content alongside your team. I can even bring in my own team to augment your own in-house SaaS marketing team.