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Let’s Talk tech content marketing and copywriting. Let’s talk results.

Here, I could talk all about the advantages of great copywriting, but you’ve probably already heard the stats. You’re probably just looking for some results. 

That’s important to me, too. Your results. 

Copywriting Needs to Work. Or why bother?

Necessity made me a copywriter.

Copywriting was something that needed to happen at one of my first jobs, being an Americorps volunteer at a nonprofit primary health clinic. We were a small marketing department with limited funds trying to tell the community we existed so patients could find us. (And finding us wasn’t easy, because nonprofit family practices can’t usually afford to rent prominent locations in town.)

Frustrated and a little overwhelmed, I focused on becoming a better writer so I could get readers’ attention. It didn’t really matter whether the readers were visitors to our social media page, potential donors reading a fundraising letter, or new volunteers learning about us. Different audiences needed to hear we existed and had to know they could count on us. 

Writing really mattered, and results mattered. If my copywriting didn’t work, it was pointless.

And of course, that hasn’t changed. Results still matter–if I can’t help your business, then what’s really the point? 

My Promises to Clients

If we’re going to work together, we need to agree on something first: 

  • Results-based copywriting is essential. We’re after results, not just pretty writing. 
  • Best practices matter. I won’t do something because “it’s always been done that way.” Nope. 
  • Flexibilty and adaptability are virtues. We’ll conquer your marketing challenges together by learning, adapting, and evolving. 

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