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I make it my mission to get the word out about your B2B software so you can book more demos, generate buzz on LinkedIn, prep for trade shows and maybe even boost your sales in the process. 

You see, there’s nothing worse than a great product no one knows about. If you’re creating innovative software, your prospects should know it exists so they can convince their bosses that they can’t live without it. Every SaaS needs users, so every SaaS needs content marketing. 

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Content marketing managers (like you, perhaps?) are busy people. Sometimes technology whitepapers, software case studies, and B2B SaaS blog posts aren’t written because software marketers have a lot of marketing channels to manage and little bandwidth to get it all done. 

Of course, some technology startups are growing fast and don’t have in-house content marketing yet. 

If you need B2B content for your software brand, let’s talk and see if I’m a good fit for you. My team can offer you comprehensive content marketing strategy and execution support. 

We look under the hood.

Together, we set SMART goals.

We craft a calendar + strategy.

We help with implementation.

Win business Users, Gain Market share, and make the Sales Dept Really Happy

Your team works hard and deserves to be discovered. Let your perfect users find you! Convert them over with relevant, hard-hitting content. 

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