I write tech content. My mission: to understand your prospect’s pain and communicate your solution. All so your business can see results from your content. 

Your prospects are reading and searching for answers. Maybe their business is in crisis or isn’t taking them where they need to go. As a marketer, you’re their lodestar. Even if they don’t know it yet, you know what they’re looking for. 

Making the connection – isn’t that what good content is for? 

So your content must be efficient and carry its own weight. Hype-free, readable, and focused writing shows decision-makers why your product or service is the obvious choice. It doesn’t force readers – content should guide them to a logical conclusion. If content doesn’t educate or inform at the right level, tone, and voice, then it falls short. 

To a “how” positioning your solution as the answer to their pain points. Within a few seconds or minutes of scanning your content, business decision-makers should know if you can actually deliver them good ROI.

Writing can do that.

But first, the writer needs a good grounding in your industry and an ability to relate to your readership. This is particularly important (and hard to find) for complex fields like B2B tech industries. 

What makes me different is my focus on tech and on business audiences. Together, we plan and create content that your prospects find interesting and helpful. 

Want to learn more about my approach to content marketing? Reach out to me or see my portfolio for examples of past work. 



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