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To create trust with software decision makers, you have to understand their goals and pain points. Before your customers make purchasing decisions, they’ll typically search for information about solutions. Positioning your business as trustworthy allows you to build authority. Starting with thorough market and competitor research allows you to communicate your software’s value. 

Great content marketing for SaaS brands only works if content is visible – distributed through the right channels and using the best communication mediums. 

That’s where sound content strategy, used alongside high-quality writing, allow your marketing to reach your audience.


SEO in B2B Content Marketing

Kaitlin often gets pushback from marketers who are skeptical of how much SEO matters in content writing. Some marketers were burned in the past by SEO firms that lacked the expertise and true skills to create Google-friendly B2B content.

  • Stuffing keywords doesn’t work
  • Neither do SEO shortcuts

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Believe it or not, SEO and quality writing should actually go hand-in-hand.

At Greenlund Content Services, we know from experience how to target keywords and improve SERPs. We do it for our own website and our efforts bring targeted traffic to our website every month. As a result, we’ve been able to build our brand, and, in some small way, contribute to our clients’ success with their own B2B content marketing projects.


High-Quality Writing for Your Audience

The value of quality writing is undeniable. And content relevance is the only way you’ll successfully connect using business-to-business marketing.

This isn’t because our attention spans are shorter, but because our expectations are now higher than ever. As previously reported by Klaudia Tirico over at Demand Gen,“The Goldfish Fallacy” distracts us from an uncomfortable truth – consumers simply want more now and expect to get it. “While B2B buyers may have less time to devote to consuming content, it doesn’t mean they will completely write-off long-form content — if it’s relevant and delivered the right way,” Tirico writes. And it’s true. Crappy writing won’t attract software buyers or users. 

Why B2B Companies Love Us

Kaitlin has been a lifesaver when it comes to writing ebooks and blog posts for some of our clients with complex, niche verticals (AI-based pricing optimization, cloud-based configure-price-quote solutions in healthcare, and more). She’s also able to respond quickly when we need something turned around in a tight time frame.

Kaitlin brings a personable voice and personality to what may otherwise be considered “dry” subject matter. She’s proof that “boring industries” don’t have to be boring.

If you need a writer, consider hiring Kaitlin!

Stacy Jackson

B2B Content Marketer and Co-Host of The B2B Mix Show, Jackson Marketing

Kaitlin is an incredibly talented freelance writer. She takes stories that most writers shy away from about complicated, technical fields in the healthcare technology space. She has never missed a deadline and gives me excellent work that requires minimal editing. I can rely on her if I get a last-minute story from a client. Overall, she’s consistent, on-time, and a pleasure to work with.

Casey Nighbor

Content Marketing Manager, True Blue, Inc.

My team doesn’t need hand-holding. We are experienced B2B content marketing writers who can help you with: 

  • Persona research and development: If you’re going after specific buyers (and who isn’t doing targeted marketing these days?), we can help you understand these buyers better through marketing research and development. 
  • Idea generation: We’ll help you generate customized ideas for your industry, persona, and market using SEO best practices and the latest data analytics. 
  • Content calendar planning: Stuck without B2B content marketing ideas? Let us help you plan and organize your to-be-published content ideas. 
  • Content creation: Let us research and write content that will make your brand stand out among B2B competitors. 
  • Content marketing data and analytics: We’ll help you track your ROI using real-time content marketing data. Take the guesswork out of your B2B content marketing and get comprehensive reporting on your progress. 

You don’t have to figure out content marketing on your own. Leverage our experience marketing software to reach and persuade your buyers.  

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