Why I love healthcare…

Beginning as a marketing intern at a community health center introduced me to the wonderful, busy world of marketing for healthcare audiences. From there, I was hooked on B2B and B2C writing and all things healthcare. I’m also a huge healthcare policy nerd and can happily talk about MACRA, MIPS and Advanced APMs. Some days, I think is my second home.

Finance is so awesome!

When I was a small child, I already had three credit union accounts. By my teenage years, I was comparing interest rates on different CDs to find the best place to stash my allowance. Now, I write for financial outlets like Credit Union BUSINESS Magazine and I’ve written countless dozens of articles. Obsessively researching finance helped me learn about other things like derivatives, Roth IRAs, price elasticity and annuities.

Technology’s cool, too.

And, guess what? I’m a technology nerd too. Playing with snippets of code was a hobby that started when my 7th-grade self found a stack of old BASIC and MSDOS guides in the trash one afternoon. My passion for tech and healthcare go together when I’m blogging about EHR for Chiropractic Economics or writing up informational copy for Infinedi about electronic claims processing.