About Kaitlin

Writing started out as a side-gig and eventually became my full-time passion. Writing’s great because I love researching arcane things for a living and making them more, well, relatable.

I must confess something here. I’m a business nerd. I subscribe to business journals and carry them around with me to read when I’m waiting in line, enjoying a local park, or traveling somewhere. I might’ve bought an accounting textbook or two online (not for a class, either).

I began my writing career in 2010, shortly after graduating from Eastern Washington University with a BA in Government. Coursework in business, accounting and organizational systems led me to Americorps assignments with nonprofit marketing departments in Spokane and North Idaho. Later, I started volunteering and serving on nonprofit boards. While writing annual reports, fundraising letters, emails and web copy for healthcare nonprofits, I realized my writing skills could also help B2B companies and others. I went full-time with writing in April 2015.