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Freelance Business Writer

Are you a marketing manager looking for a writer? 

You’re probably here because you’re wondering if I can help you connect with prospects and build your brand’s authority. Connecting with prospects is what you do everyday in your marketing, so maybe you need a writer who’s not afraid to dig deep into a technical business topic and resurface to make it fun and relatable for readers.

What needs your attention? If there’s writing to be done, I’ll help you simplify your work. Maybe you need a content calendar, new copy for that landing page, a special report for the tradeshow or that whitepaper/ebook your sales team keeps asking for.

Hire a business nerd

It could be a whitepaper about cloud-hosted VoIP, an article about acuity levels in nursing, or a blog post for credit union members about IRAs. Whatever it is, if it’s business, it’s super fascinating. I promise. It’ll be awesome working together!

Contact me at 509.237.9328 or kaitlin@kaitlinmorrison.com for a quote (or even just to say ‘hello!’) If you like snail-mail or you’d rather meet in-person, stop by my office at 55 Alder St NW, STE 204, Ephrata, WA 98823.