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 Hey you! Are you a marketing manager? 

Marketing’s the fun department. Well, that’s what I believe it should be, anyway. All too often, I think the average marketing manager’s just really busy. Tired, maybe. Ideally, marketing work is full of generating excitement around brands. This excitement should be really contagious and reflect outwards to your readers, followers and customers. Your marketing should be a revenue magnet.

I firmly believe in fun and I’ll help your brand exude a sense of enthusiasm and passion. The kind that customers love. Because your content shouldn’t read like a 1950’s business letter. Ever. Even if you’re selling typewriters.

What needs to happen now? If it’s writing-related, chances are good that I can help. Maybe it’s a content calendar, landing page copy, a special report for the tradeshow or that whitepaper/ebook your sales team keeps asking for (seriously, the sales department always wants something, amirite?).

Did ‘Ya Know that content’s everything now?

Content marketing really rocks. Seriously, the statistics are nuts!

Site traffic for content marketing all-stars is nearly eight times higher than traffic on websites that aren’t using it to their full potential. And, get this–revenue growth as a result of marketing efforts is six times higher for sites that use content effectively (Source: Aberdeen). Your blog, sales page and case studies work hard for you when they’re well-written. It serves up the killer revenue growth you’ve been looking for.

Pretty sweet, huh?

Hire a business and technology nerd

It could be a whitepaper about cloud-hosted VoIP, an article about your new global mobility management software solution, or an email series selling a new marketing automation platform for small business owners.

Contact me at 509.237.9328 or kaitlin@kaitlinmorrison.com for a quote (or even just to say ‘hello!’) If you like snail-mail or you’d rather meet in-person, stop by my office at 55 Alder St NW, STE 204, Ephrata, WA 98823.